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DSLC Project 

I am director of the Death in St. Lawrence County Project (DSLC). DSLC aims to document, map, and digitize all of the 200+ cemeteries in St. Lawrence County in upstate New York. DSLC involves academics and officers from various institutions and government agencies (St. Lawrence University, Ithaca College, St. Lawrence County Department of Social Services, Canton Town's Historian's Office, etc.). Together we are using the information we gather from local cemeteries to better understand life and death in the region, beginning first with the St. Lawrence County Poorhouse Cemetery in Canton, NY. For more information please visit DSLC's website

SLC Poorhouse Cemetery
SLC Poorhouse
SLC Poorhouse Cemetery Excavation
SLC Poorhouse Post Card
SLC Poorhouse Cemetery
GPR at the SLC Poorhouse Cemetery
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